How's your year going so far? 2020 certainly has been throwing bad stuff at us left and right, but we can hope for better times ahead. Remember on January 1st, 2020 when we all wished for a really good year ahead?

And now reports that a massive asteroid that is taller than the Empire State Building, travelling at over 11,000 miles per hour is headed towards Earth.  But it should be about three million miles away from our planet when it passes by on June 6th according to scientists. I would think that's not an issue, but I'm not an expert by any means.

Personally, I have a few positive things happening. I finally get to visit the barber shop today. That will be a good thing, and yes I will be wearing my mask. So much for a shave and a haircut, though. And next week, I get to visit my dentist. I'm looking forward to my general cleaning, but not looking forward to what he may find. I think I need a cavity or two replaced. Yay, more novocaine shots.

And in the bad news turned good news department, I recently discovered the heating and air-conditioning system that I had replaced just two years ago in my car stopped working. Well, at least the air-conditioning portion. I spend well over 2000 dollars getting all the elements of the system replaced.

But, for some reason, earlier this week, my memory kicked in and reminded me of an incident back in January when all of a sudden, my car's horn went off and stuck. It was around 2am, and I frantically pulled a bunch of fuses out to try to stop the horn from  blaring. After what felt was like forever, and waking up my neighbors, I was successful. I did my best replacing all the other fuses in almost total darkness, and everything seemed to work.

Well, apparently I missed one fuse replacement. And that was the air-conditioning compressor fuse. I popped it in and just like that - air-conditioning! Sometimes it just the little wins that keep you going.


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