Let them have cake. Happy National Cake Day. In my opinion, some of these national 'whatever' days are a bit silly, but when it comes to days devoted to food, I'm all in.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to cake. My favorites are chocolate and marble. I don't indulge much these days due to my never-ending diet plan, so when I do get to have a slice, it's like heaven.

According to the National Day Calendar, cake's origin traces back to the Vikings - "the word cake is derived from Old Norse, kaka. At that time, a cake’s texture was more like gingerbread due to the availability of refined ingredients" - National Day Calendar.

The word cake reminds me of a scene from the TV series - The Office, where one of the characters (Kevin) complained about the planning of a party featuring mini cupcakes. He lamented that mini cupcakes where just a mini version of cupcakes which were just  a mini version of cake. Well said.

The other is from a scene in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" where the groom's parents came to a party hosted by the bride's parents. They brought a Bundt cake to the party, but the groom's parents had no idea what it was. They eventually put a flower arrangement in the middle of the Bundt cake and displayed it at the party. Waste of a good Bundt cake.

So enjoy a slice (or two) of your favorite cake today. Make sure there's a lot of frosting!

via National Day Calendar

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