Halloween, it's all about being frightened and scared. Every Halloween horror story has that scare tactic as the driving force. If you like being scared Burger King has a new sandwich coming out that is right up your alley.

According to Delish, Burger King is releasing a new sandwich on Monday called 'The Nightmare King'. It's a chicken sandwich with bacon and cheese, but the part that ties it into Halloween is its green bun.

But it's not just the color of the bun that makes it nightmare-ish, BK took it a step further. According to Delish, Burger King worked with some researchers who conducted a study and found that when people eat the Nightmare King they had three and a half times more nightmares than they usually do.

This isn't the first time Burger King has invented a special menu item for Halloween. They are already selling a black Fanta slushie. That slushie is reportedly turning peoples stool all different colors.

And it's not the first time Burger King has altered the color of our poop. Remember a couple of years ago when they had the Whopper with the black bun? That too was causing people's poop to turn different colors and everybody was rushing out to buy it to see if it really worked?

So will the new Nightmare King turn people's turds green because of the green bun? I guess we'll find out on Monday when it is available at participating restaurants. Click here to see what the sandwich will look like.

Will you try it? Do you really want to have more nightmares than you usually do? And what is with Burger King's desire to change the color of peoples feces?

[via Delish]

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