Broome County reports two new positive cases of the coronavirus June 17 bringing the County’s total to 624 since the pandemic began in the beginning of March. 

Barnaby Chambers

With the rate of new cases continuing to be only a few a week, the County’s tracers who track the contact with people exposed to the coronavirus are not as busy.  Public Health Director Rebecca Kaufman says the County will continue to maintain a group of trained trackers to not only examine ongoing cases but to be ready in case of a possible second wave in the fall.

Kaufman says in addition to checking on the well-being of those who have tested positive for the coronavirus and interviewing them regarding people they may have been in contact with and where they have traveled, the tracers are also responsible for gathering other information regarding a patient’s health history that can be used to find out more about the new coronavirus which causes COVID-19.

National and world health experts say there is a possibility the virus could change or re-emerge in additional waves.  Some areas of the country, like the Sunbelt, are currently experiencing large increases in cases, possibly due to restrictions being lifted too quickly or public disregard for safety measures like wearing face masks, social distancing and washing hands.

Kathy Whyte/ WNBF News

Kaufman says those precautions are essential in stopping the spread and she says she doesn’t see people being told they can stop wearing masks “anytime soon.”  During a county news briefing yesterday, the Health Director says the number-one question she gets from residents these days is “when can we stop wearing masks?”.

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