I don't get on a soapbox often, although the world does look good to me standing a little bit higher, but there has been one issue I hope you will agree with me.

Take a look at these pictures, and see if you get what the signs are basically saying.

If you answered, do NOT make a left turn here,  do NOT enter and travel in this direction, you are correct.

This is the State Street parking ramp. It's where I park at least 5 days a week. As with any ramp, you enter and exit as indicated and follow the arrows to park or head to the exit. It makes no sense to go against the grain because you may end up in a standoff with another vehicle or even crash if you decide to travel in the wrong direction. That has happened to me several times.

As you see above, this parking ramp clearly has signs and arrows directing drivers how to navigate around it's many levels. A few weeks ago, I was parked on the first level. When I left for the day, I backed out and began to head to the left as per the rules. You go left, up to the second level, and then out the exit.

Well, as soon as I turned my van to the left, I was met by two vehicles driving on the first level the wrong way, obviously wanting to park where I had just pulled out (the first level is everyone's favorite.) The correct way to access the first level after entering the ramp, is to go up to the second level and then back down to the first level.

The second vehicle had to back up and go to the next level and the first car had to back up, pull over and give me enough room to get by. I made it very clear to that person I was not going to turn around and drive out the wrong way. Obviously, that person got the parking spot.

Yea, we all break rules from time to time, but I'd prefer it not be in the ramp. You never know who you may run into...literally. Rant over.

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