When I moved to Binghamton from the Corning, New York area, I assumed there was a 'P' in the name Binghamton. It wasn't long before co-workers ganged up on me about my mistake.

You'd have thought I just committed a crime. Now, I'm that person who goes crazy whenever I see our city's name spelled with a 'P' in it, or when it's spoken like we are a part of the Long Island 'Hamptons.'

And since we are on the subject of Binghamton, did you know there are other Binghamtons in the USA? One of them is in Tennessee, and it's actually spelled 'Binghampton.' Okay, technically it's a neighborhood located in the eastern part of the City of Memphis, Tennessee.

Binghampton, Tennessee
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I thought it would be fun to make some comparisons between the City of Binghamton, New York, and the neighborhood of Binghampton, Tennessee, so let's do some comparisons.

How Each City Got Its Name

Binghamton, New York was named after Philadelphia native William Bingham.  Binghampton, Tennessee was named after an Irish immigrant, W. H. Bingham.

Population, Median Age & Households

Data Commons notes that the population of Binghamton, New York is 47,566 as of 2021 with a median age of 35.6, and Binghampton, Tennessee's population is 16,437 with a median age of 34.5 according to the Point 2 Homes website.

Binghampton, Tennessee consists of 6,639 homes according to Point 2 Homes, and Data Commons shows the number of homes in Binghamton, New York is 23,391.

Biggest Yearly Festival

One of the biggest festivals held in Binghampton, Tennessee is the Binghampton International Festival. According to the Memphis Flyer, community organizer and festival spokesperson, Kate Kananura states that the Binghampton International Festival was created...

So one very beautiful neighborhood filled with immigrants and the families of immigrants could tell its story to Memphis and to the world. - Kate Kananura

Binghamton New York's biggest festival is the annual Spiedie Fest And Balloon Rally held in Otsiningo Park.


Binghamton, New York has 10 public schools ranging from elementary to high school. According to Wikipedia, Binghampton, Tennessee is the home to two public schools, both elementary schools.

The 10 Commandments of Binghamton, NY

Every area has their spoken & unspoken rules, ethics, and principles; and just like the biblical 10 Commandments, Binghamton has some too.

Here are the 10 Commandments of Binghamton, NY...

Then and Now: Outside The Binghamton Area

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