You may have never heard the name David Spence, but if you ever attended a hockey game or a baseball game in Binghamton, you probably know who he was.

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I was watching the news on WBNG last night when I learned that David “The Yodeler” Spence passed away. David was a season ticket holder for all the Binghamton hockey teams since the Wailers played here. He's also been a season ticket holder for the Binghamton Mets / Rumble Ponies since the franchise moved to Binghamton in 2001.

David was known as “The Yodeler”. At every game, you could hear David yodeling or playing his spoons periodically during the game. I remember the first time I went to a Binghamton Whalers game and heard yodeling. At first I thought it was coming across the PA system until somebody pointed to David and said “he does that all the time”.

David would stand outside the locker rooms prior to the game and yodel, play his
spoons, or play his harmonica to pump up the teams. David's talents made everyone smile and definitely added some charm to the games he attended.

David's seats at NYSEG Stadium were just below the broadcast booth. If you were listening to the game on WNBF, you would hear him yodeling in the background from time to time.

Both the Binghamton Rumble Ponies and the Binghamton Devils plan on paying tribute to their long time season ticket holder once their seasons resume. If their season's end up getting cancelled do to the Coronavirus outbreak, both organizations say they will honor him at a game next year.

David “The Yodeler” Spence was 95

[via WBNG]

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