I talk about the Binghamton Bulldogs all the time but I don't see them mentioned much in the local media. There are exceptions but for the most part, they aren't talked about and  they should be.

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The Binghamton Bulldogs was the vision of Jimmy Evans. He took his entire life savings and followed his dream. He not only brought semi-professional, quality basketball to the area, he also built the Bulldog Sports Complex. He took an indoor tennis court facility and turned it into a top notch sports complex.

The Bulldogs are in their 5th season in the ABA and are currently ranked #6 in the nation. They have been a successful basketball team from the beginning but in my opinion, they are having more success off the court in our community.

Binghamton Bulldogs Making A Difference With Our Kids

Binghamton Bulldogs
Binghamton Bulldogs

They are all about the kids because they are our future and they'll do what it takes to make a difference in their lives. They offer a place for them to go to learn the sport of basketball but that's only a part of it.

For example, on Friday, November 4th, a few of the Binghamton Bulldogs were invited to a birthday party. These guys are extremely busy this time of year with practice, training, jobs as youth Bball trainers...and oh yeah, a game the next night.

GUESS WHAT? Ralph Williams and Bradley Christian showed up to say "Happy Birthday"  to Kaelan. You can't tell me that didn't make a difference in that young man's life.

Binghamton Bulldogs
Binghamton Bulldogs

Here's what else they do for the kids. On game night, when the team is being introduced, all the youngsters are invited out onto the court to give a high (or low) five. Also two kids will hold the American flag for the playing of the National Anthem. This deserves attention from everyone.

Binghamton Bulldogs Home Game

Look in the stands at a Binghamton Bulldogs basketball game and you can see the future is looking good in our area. You can see what I mean when the #6 ranked Bulldogs take on the Bennington Martens this Saturday night at the pound.

The Bulldog Sports Complex is AT 1025 Robinson Hill Road in Johnson City and tip-off on Saturday is at 7:05 p.m. HOWWWLLLLL!!!

Here are some pictures from the Bulldogs Sports Complex in 2021. I need to get back to get more pictures because they continue to improve their facility...which was great before.

2021 Bulldogs Sports Complex

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