It seems this discussion comes up every year. Since the big game is on a Sunday, should the day after be a holiday?

I'm not sure that is how deciding what a holiday is, works. If it were to become reality, what would we call the holiday? Super Monday? Hangover Monday? I Ate Too Much On Big Game Sunday Holiday? My team won/lost Monday? I can go on and on coming up with a name, but I don't think any would be worthy of a real holiday.

Now don't get me wrong. If a holiday for the day after the big game was made a reality, I wouldn't complain. I love three day weekends as much as everyone else. But could there be another solution?

Well, yes there is. And it's not a conversation that hasn't seen the light of day. I've had this discussion with co-workers, friends and family, and I've seen it mentioned on social media and around the internet, that maybe it would be a better idea to move the big game to Saturday evening.

Think about it. More people have Sunday off than Monday. You would have a full day to recover from whatever your big game plans were, if any. Either way, I think it's a win-win situation. Especially since the game normally doesn't even kick off until 6:30pm for those of us on the east coast. Sure, those on the west coast don't have the same dilemma, but we don't care about them, do we? It's all about the east coast.

Even though the big game brings in one of the largest TV audiences, for the NFL and TV network airing the game, would they might even see a larger audience watching the game on a Saturday versus a Sunday? Sunday evening is the time of the week for other activities to get in the way of the big game, so maybe not.

For now, the big game will remain on Sunday. And maybe forever.

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