Usually by now, most of the pot holes are taken care of. But this Sunday, I was driving through the Town Square Mall parking lot looking at the stores instead of the road, (there were no cars coming) and Bam! I hit a pothole that made my jaw crack. I’m glad I drive an SUV because the car I had before this probably would have bottomed out after hitting it.


Then there is Front St. Front Street from Prospect up to the health plaza there is a mess. I drive it ever day and you can’t drive up the street without hitting at least ten potholes. When you get up near the train overpass it’s nice. That’s the way the whole road should be. The city spent all that money to fix up the houses down there because they wanted to make a good first impression on people visiting the area. They’re going to have a hell of an impression when they break their tie rod and they are stuck here for a while.


Do you know the location of any potholes we should be on the lookout for?

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