When it snows, I always turn to my trusty old snow shovels, but I've wanted to own a snow blower for a long time, and especially whenever we had a major snowstorm. During those times when a snow shovel just wouldn't do, or I was just being lazy, I'd pay my neighbor to use his snow blower to clear my driveaway and sidewalk.

Well, a couple of years ago, a friend of mine was looking for a small window air-conditioner for one of his rental apartments, and knew I had wanted to own a snow blower, so he approached me with a deal. We would trade the window air-conditioner for a small used snow blower that he didn't need anymore.

It was a great deal for me since it was a simple trade. Well, the snow blower does do a good job for small snow events, but any snowfall accumulating over 4 inches, it's pretty much useless. So it's back to my trusty old snow shovels. Both are older than the hills, and while they do an adequate job, I'm always looking to find something that is better.

So, I looked around and found several on Amazon that caught my eye. One I liked is a wheeled snow pusher shovel. It's not cheap, but it looks like it would work well on my level sidewalk.

Now for my driveway, I need something a bit different. Many years ago, I had an even driveway which elevates to about a 45 degree angle from the street to my carport. Over those many years, the pavement has broken away and I have ruts on both sides of the driveway, which makes it tougher to shovel, and almost impossible to use my snow blower on.

I saw a snow shovel on Amazon that is described as strain reducing. It's got a spring assist handle that is designed to reduce bending and allows you to lift more loads of snow at a time. That might be just what I need.

Maybe it's time to make the jump and replace my 1980s snow shovels. I'm not getting any younger and shoveling snow is becoming more of a pain in my back. Or do I just go in debt a bit more and buy a much larger snow blower? Now I like that idea.

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