When it comes to the holidays I usually travel to my sister's house which is an hour away. It's no big deal. We get in the car and we drive to my hometown of Carbondale Pennsylvania. Usually, we travel down the day of Thanksgiving and we usually drive down early in the morning. We usually drive back on Thanksgiving night. Traffic on Thanksgiving Day itself usually is not bad for driving. Of course Wednesday the 22nd will be the busiest travel day of the year. The roadways will be nuts with people trying to get where they're going the night before Thanksgiving.

If you are flying for the holiday, here are the best and worst days to travel according to The Insider. The best day to fly out is the Saturday before Thanksgiving which would mean this coming Saturday the 18th. The second best day to fly out is Thanksgiving itself. The worst day to fly out will be this Sunday the 19th, and the second worst day is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. especially Tuesday evening. That surprised me.

Going home, Black Friday is the best day to fly followed by Saturday the 25th. The worst days to fly home after Thanksgiving? According to The Insider, Monday and Tuesday will be the worst days to fly home they are the two days that usually have the most delays.

Wherever you're going for Thanksgiving make it a safe trip and have fun.


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