Earlier today as I was taking a break to visit the "lovely" loo (that's an informal English term for bathroom) across from the Whale Studio, a light went off, and I came up with a genius idea. I'd make it my mission to find the best of the best bathrooms in Binghamton.

I have, and I'm sure you have also, experienced some very scary bathrooms. Most of them have been in bars, where all but one toilet is in operation, and that one is seriously questionable. One of my pet peeves about many public restrooms is that they're not air conditioned. Most of the rest of the building is, but the bathroom isn't. Who wants to smell that funk? If you want to smell bodily odors, go to a sauna. Rant over.

For all of the awful bathrooms, there have to be some really awesome ones in Binghamton area bars, restaurants and businesses. I'm taking about the kind of bathroom that when you walk into, you feel like you've landed in paradise. Mints. Mouth wash. Body spray. An attendant who turns down the money you hand him. Ahhhh!

I saw we give a shout out to those establishments who actually care what their restrooms look like, and aim (no pun intended...no, seriously) to make visitors comfortable as possible. You find 'em and I'll check 'em out and take pictures...that is until I get kicked out for obvious reasons.

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