Let me start out by saying I am thankful that Binghamton University is here in town. Not only are they one of the biggest employers in town, but I also understand the financial impact that the Binghamton University students bring to the Binghamton area.

Chris and I went to Wegmans this Sunday. We got behind two girls in line at the checkout. Even though there were only two girls in line, they had four different orders on the conveyor belt.

Midway through the cashier ringing out the first girl, another girl came from behind us with one more item, squeezed by us, and made her way up to the other two B.U. students. They paid for the four different orders by different means, paying with credit cards and cash.

While the last girl was getting the rest of her stuff out of the cart that they all shared, she noticed that the first girl that checked out left her flavored creamer in the cart. So the woman at the checkout had to process yet another transaction for the first student.

It probably would have been easier if the three girls used three separate carts so there wouldn't have been any confusion. I just had to laugh because it took our cashier longer to ring out that one cart full of groceries than the cashier in the aisle next to us who rang out four separate orders in that same time frame.

We obviously picked the wrong checkout line.

On a side note, Chris and I were cracking up in the produce section. Chris handed me a stalk of kale, gave me the code number to punch into the scale, and a bag to put the kale in. I was struggling to get the stem of the kale in the bag and wrap the entire head inside the plastic.

Chris said, "if you put the head in first it would be a lot easier". And of course, being as witty as I am, I replied with the line "that's what she said". Other Shoppers must have thought we were intoxicated because we were both laughing for a good ten minutes after that.

Jim Free Photo
Jim Free Photo

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