Every time we go out to do a broadcast on location, everybody wants a Whale t-shirt. And when we're out doing a live broadcast, we only have so many shirts with us and they are always the first things to go.

And why wouldn't they be? Everybody loves t-shirts. They are stylish and comfortable whether you wear them outside, or just around the house.

Well here's your chance to get one of two, or both, of the new Whale t-shirts that feature different designs than the ones we bring on out location.

The shirts are really comfortable and they even come in extra soft. They range in sizes from small to triple XL, and you decide what color you want the shirt to be. There are 19 different colors to choose from, so I'm sure we have your favorite color.

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You can also get them in long sleeve t-shirts or zip up hoodies too. We have stickers you can purchase as well that range in size from 2 inches up to 8 in.

These items would make perfect gifts for anyone that likes Classic Rock and would be an ideal gift for someone that use to live in the area but has moved away.

Click here to check them out. Show everyone you know that you rock out to 99 1 the Whale

ORDER TODAY! Take A Look At The Brand-New Whale March

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