If you're on Facebook for half a second, you will see several posts with some kind of politically correct message. Everything we say these days can be used against us in the cyber soapboxes all over the internet and media.

Jerry Seinfeld just commented about the younger generation and their ultra conservative views on being sexist, racists, and prejudice. (See video below)

I would ask the question, are we losing our freedom of speech? I think in many ways the fundamental rights of Americans are being lost in a template of politically correct mindsets.

I'm not talking about endorsing the Nazi Party or using extreme racial explicits, but when I was a kid you could tell a good pollock joke, or three ethic guys walk into a bar joke and even people who were from that background thought it was funny.

I think what Jerry Seinfeld was trying to say is, comedy is meant to be taken as comedy, but many comedians are staying away from performing at colleges, because everything is scrutinized these days and taken way too seriously.

There was a recent case where PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has actually lodged a complaint against an Australian farmer because one of his workers allegedly swore at his sheep! PETA apparently believes the sheep could have actually been offended. That is a text book example of what I'm talking about.

I think there are names and references we could do without in this world, but much of the  politically correct BS we see comes from people who are just looking for a reason to silence you, because your views are different them theirs.

To those people I say 'WAAAAH' get over it.







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