Weekends. They are meant for relaxing, time off work, getting things done around the home, or one of many options that don't involve your job. Well, maybe that's what the concept of a weekend was designed to be.

We know that's not the case. How could it possibly be? You know, if everyone had the weekend off, and say for example, you ran out of beer (beer has certainly been in the news lately, right?) and you need more for the weekend, or maybe you are planning a football party and realize you forgot to buy enough hot dogs and hamburger for the grill, what would you do? No one is working on the weekend, so there are no stores open to buy the items you need.

Sounds like Sundays of the past. How did we do it? We certainly couldn't buy any alcohol on Sunday. Most stores were closed, including gas stations. It's like we were forced to stay home and keep the money in our wallet. Back then, it didn't seem like a big deal, but what if we went back to most businesses being closed on Sundays?

Would you go stir crazy? Could you go one day without buying anything? What if that also including online shopping? We would not be able to purchase anything on the internet on Sundays. Probably would not happen since internet sales are mostly automated and don't involve people, at least as far as the ordering process is concerned. Or maybe automation would be shut down for a day off. Wouldn't that be weird?

I'm thankful for the way things are today. We work weekends to keep commerce humming on Saturday and Sunday so I can spend to my heart's delight, and continue to dig just a bit deeper in debt.

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