Yesterday, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo added ten more states to the list of states with travel restrictions. Those states include a few that are close to New York, including Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

The complete list of the ten states are Alaska, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Virginia, and Washington. The total amount of states with travel restrictions now numbers 31.

The restriction means a person will be required to self quarantine for 14 days if coming into New York State from the 31 states on the list. So far, I've heard from several people who are not happy with this situation. Not so much for states far away, but from those close to us like Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

Those three states are popular states for vacationing. I have spent many vacations in various areas of all three states. I've camped and hiked the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia many times, and visited the beaches of Delaware and Maryland often. While I spend my time off and vacations now in Northeastern Pennsylvania, it doesn't affect me.

But one of my co-workers has a scheduled vacation next week on the beaches of Maryland. She is a bit stressed about what to do. If she cancels her reservation, she will lose her deposit which is a few hundred dollars. If she chooses to go, she will not be able to come to work for two weeks once she returns, and that could be an issue.

I can't imagine she is the only one with this dilemma. I imagine there are many in New York who have planned vacations in those three states and have to make a big decision to cancel or go and self quarantine when they get back. For those who work from home or don't work at all, it's a non-issue.

I feel for my co-worker. She has been looking forward to getting away to her favorite beach for a long time, and now is faced with a dilemma whether to go or try again next year. And 2020 just keeps on disappointing us all.

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