This Saturday was the annual St Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Binghamton. It wasn't as cold as last year, but it was still pretty chilly especially with the wind blowing like it was.

On my way to the parade, I stopped and grabbed a couple of bags of candy to throw to all the kids on the parade route. Then I picked up the Whale van and started off for the car wash. The van was pretty dusty from sitting in the parking garage that has been under construction for months now. The van was nice and clean when I pulled it out of the car wash, but by the time I got to NYSEG Stadium where we're lining up for the parade, I noticed it already had salt and dirt on it. Once we arrived at NYSEG Stadium, we found where we were supposed to be in the lineup, we parked the van and waited for over an hour before we started to move.

As we made our way on the Court Street we noticed the crowd was a little smaller than in years past. I think a lot of that had to do with cold temperatures and the fact that a lot of The B.U. kids went home for the weekend. The most crowded part of the parade, at least where the spectators are concerned, was right around State Street as it usually is. The parade proceeded up Main Street and ended near the AOH.

We took some pictures along the way so if you were there check them out below and see if we snapped a picture of you.

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