Dear Random People Dressed As Clowns,

Okay, we get it. You are a fan of Rob Zombie movies, and receiving attention. The only thing that I ask of you, is that you please reel it in a little bit with the "creepy clown" stuff.  You're dressed as a creepy clown, playing pranks on grown-ups? Alright, whatever. You're dressed as a clown and trying to scare or terrorize kids - or worse yet - my kids? Now we have a problem. Do you see that there's a thin line? Obviously, don't go to the extreme and start wielding weapons and charging after people, whether it's a fake or not. Eventually you may come across the wrong person that isn't afraid of clowns, such as myself, and you will get yourself into a world of trouble. There are better ways of receiving attention, like charity work, or running into the middle of a crowded street with a huge sign that says "pay attention to me". Negative attention is still attention, but positive attention is far more satisfying, trust me.



(Note - this video is NSFW due to language)

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