I have a few pet peeves when it comes to visiting gas stations. Can I just vent for a little bit? Maybe you will agree with me. Or maybe not.

First, I'd like to know if there is any sort of unwritten rule as to which way you enter the pump area of a gas station. There have been times when I've pulled into a gas station with two islands or more, each with at least two pumps, and there are vehicles facing toward where I entered and vehicles facing the other way.

That limits where I can line up. If all vehicles were facing one way, you'd have an easier time lining up in the queue depending on which side your gas door is on. Does that make sense? Otherwise, I'm trying to get around vehicles, curbs, and gas station islands to line up where it works for my vehicle.

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Another pet peeve - I'm standing at the pump, filling up my vehicle's gas tank, when a vehicle pulls up behind you or on the other side of your pump with their windows down and their music is blaring so loud, it can be heard blocks away. And the driver leaves the music on while they are pumping gas. Obviously, I love music, but I don't want to hear it cranked to the max while I'm at the pump.

And, for those gas stations that have a limited number of pumps, if you have other business in the convenience store to attend to, don't leave your vehicle at the pump, and leave us who are waiting behind you to do your shopping, pay for your purchases and then come back out to your vehicle and drive away. Every gas station/convenience store has parking spots. Pull your vehicle into one and let us get our turn at gassing up our vehicles without wating for you to buy a six pack, bag of chips a couple of lottery tickets and a

None of these things will ever change, but it makes me feel better getting it out in print. Thanks for letting me vent. Now get out of my way, and let me fill my tank...lol.

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