I'm a relatively patient person. I try not to let things get to me, but sometimes enough is enough.

There are apartment buildings adjacent to my home on both sides. The one on the right as you look at my house, contains two apartments. The one on the left has at least six apartments.

Tenants come and go. Some are good tenants and some, well, it depends. I've met some great people on both sides, and some not so great from time to time.

I own my house (well, the bank owns my house.) I plan on living there for a long time and keep it looking nice. As you may know, especially if you are a  landlord, some tenants don't care what they do to your apartment and when they leave, it's a disaster.

Anyway, this open letter is to the tenants on my left. Please stop tossing your cigarette butts in my driveway. I'm constantly picking up what you discard. Buy an ash tray.

Also, please stop throwing your trash in my driveway. I've had to pick up empty beer cans (almost ran over one with my vehicle), a diaper (disgusting), and various stuff that just floats off your porch and into my driveway.

Yea, my driveway isn't the best looking in the neighborhood, but it's mine, not your own personal dumpster.

And here is the biggie. Tell your friends, family, visitors and delivery people not to park their vehicles in front of my driveway, blocking me in or out. I can't count the times over the years I've come home to see a vehicle partially or fully blocking the entrance to my driveway. I have to blow my horn to get whoever it is, to move. Is there an invisible sign that says to block my driveway? Why on earth would someone think it's OK to do this over and over again? Mind-boggling.

Your apartment has a driveway much wider than mine. Tell them to block your driveway. Or here's an idea - ask them to park in front of my house or across the street. There's plenty of on-street parking that doesn't require blocking my driveway.

Since I'm on the subject of garbage in my driveway, last year (and I know if wasn't from the neighbors on either side of my house) I came home to find an overstuffed clear garbage bag full of what obviously had come from a neighbor who had a party. It stunk of alcohol and chicken wings and was very heavy to pick up.

Why someone thought it would be cool to walk this huge garbage bag from wherever they reside, to the middle of my driveway, is a mystery. You do know we have a weekly garbage pick up in the neighborhood, right? They actually take your garbage from the curb in front of your house/apartment. Again, mind-blowing.

OK, rant over. Excuse me while I go pick up another cigarette butt in my driveway.

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