They’re in our homes, offices, we carry one with us almost all the time, streaming, channel surfing, and watching people we don’t even know, their popularity and their size continue to grow.

When it comes to our screen use, the majority of consumers watch movies, television shows and stream videos, according to a recent survey by Survey Monkey..

The results show that people over 60 years old are more likely to subscribe to a cable provider.

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Approximately one-fourth of screen watchers enjoy a combination of cable TV and streaming services.

A smaller group enjoy watching satellite TV, and around 10 percent of older viewers use exclusive streaming channels, while the numbers increase to around one out of four with the younger demographic.

So where are we headed with our screen watching? The survey indicates that more than half of people who share cable TV and streaming channels are ready to drop cable TV.

I think that speaks for where we are heading and I have said that the days of cable TV bundling are coming to an end, and eventually even the major networks will be online.

Streaming channels are becoming more and more popular because they offer on-demand shows that are easily accessible, and offer an entire season of a series.

Our screens are advancing with new features and high tech accessories like surround sound systems that are wireless and easy to set up, and with movies being release straight to video its more convenience and less expensive to relax in your home.

The internet and how it is accessed will be a determination factor and probably the final nail for cable TV.

People who watch their screens via a terrestrial signal (over the air) will be forced to advance.

Anyway you slice it, our screen obsession will likely continue for many years to come.

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