I found a Strange But True story today (Friday) in the San Jose Mercury News which stated that a new study suggests that people are taking Uber's instead of ambulances to save money when going to the hospital. I guess if it's a nonemergency that makes sense, but if it's a life-threatening situation, regardless of how much money it cost to take an ambulance, you're definitely safer going in the ambulance.

I can't imagine being an Uber driver and having somebody give birth in the back of my vehicle. Or, if someone had a pencil or something stuck in their eye and wanted me to drive them to the hospital, I'm sure I would be gagging all the way. And if it's not a life-threatening situation I don't understand why someone can't drive themselves there. Unless they don't drive to begin with, then taking an Uber, lift, or a cab would definitely make more sense. The San Jose Mercury News suggests that an ambulance ride would cost about $1,500. where an Uber would cost about $15.

Next time I'm at Lourdes or Wilson hospitals visiting someone, I'll have to take a stroll past the ambulance area of the emergency room parking lot to see how many Uber and Lyft drivers are parked there.

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