I like beer. Sounds like a rather common statement. But, I wasn't really a fan when I was younger. When I turned 18, it was legal in New York State to purchase alcoholic beverages, but I wasn't really into alcoholic beverages right away.

To be honest, I didn't like the taste of beer at the time. I think one of the beers my dad used to drink was Carling Black Label Beer. Utica Club and Shaefer seem to be another type of beer I saw in the fridge. I tried them when I was legal (no, I'm not lying) but didn't care for the taste.

When I did start to enjoy alcoholic beverages, my first introduction was in the form of mixed drinks, including gin & tonic, rum & coke, and my very first drink - Singapore Sling. My college friends introduced me to this drink. It was good. At least that's what I remember.

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As time went on in my life, I acquired a taste for beer, and haven't looked back, although I do enjoy a strong gin & tonic or margarita from time to time. Beer has evolved so much over the years, especially with IPAs now available and so many great local breweries popping up in communities, including the Binghamton area.

There are so many great varieties to choose from, and that's one of the reasons we bring Binghamton On Tap to the area. Last year, we had to take a break due to the pandemic, but we are back this year, with over 100 different varieties of craft beer to sample.

And Binghamton On Tap will be very spacious with our location at the Broome County Fairgrounds in Whitney Point on Saturday, September 18th. In addition to great beer  sampling, food will be available for purchase and we'll have live music as well

Tickets for general admission, VIP, and designated driver are now on sale. You can check out all the details including all the vendors who will be there, and purchase your tickets all in one place - Binghamton On Tap.

Here's to Beer! We'll see you Saturday, September 18th.

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