On July 29th State Environmental officers in Northern Broome County found the alligator that was wondering around Whitney Point. It was close to the Broome County Fairgrounds where the fair was taking place. Now on Monday a second one was found just about a quarter mile from where they caught the first alligator. Even though both alligators were relatively small, I couldn't help but think what if the alligator got near a child and something bad happened.

First of all it is illegal to own alligators in New York state. Second of all if you did buy one off the black market and you released it into the wild you are a moron. What do you think is going to happen? They probably would not survive the winter so they would end up dying eventually. But maybe before they did ,they could hurt someone. Please leave the handling of alligators to professionals and don't buy them as pets. Nothing good can come of that. You may end up getting arrested or it might get big enough that it eats you.

Both reptiles have found a home at Animal Adventure in Harpursville.

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