Last week was a strange one for New Yorkers and our encounters with wildlife. Especially wildlife that we would never expect to see yet, BAM!, there they are! One woman walked out of a store and was startled by the sight of a thick Boa Constrictor slithering across the road and into a storm drain.

According to, Bridget Moschetti was leaving Party City in Nanuet, New York when she encountered the nearly 7-foot reptile and captured some of it's travel on video. That is when social media actually came in handy. John Tarrant, owner of Outragehiss Pets, saw the video online and being an experienced snake-handler felt he could help.

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It's a good thing Tarrant showed up to help as they say the Boa would not have survived a Hudson Valley winter. The assumption is that this was someone's pet that most likely was abandoned rather than an escape. Now the snake is in New Jersey being cared for by an exotic pet store that also finds homes for neglected and abandoned reptiles.

This isn't the first, and won't be the last, exotic pet that no longer has a home and is spotted where you least expect it. Last week the Department of Environmental Conservation got a call regarding an alligator on the property at Van Wyck Junior High School in East Fishkill, New York! Imagine getting that call? Not a lost dog or a curious black bear, an alligator approximately 5-feet in length on school grounds!

Here is the video documenting the first sighting of the Boa.

From Elizabeth Selchick Tarrant via Facebook, this is the video showing the rescue!

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