In Alabama, the Bill known as HB379 has passed the State Senate and now could be signed into law by their governor according to a report from WIAT.

If it becomes law, convicted sex offenders will be chemically castrated before leaving prison as a condition of their parole. It's a move that the Alabama Legislation hopes will prevent sex offenders from harming more children in the future.

The bill has been presented to the Alabama Senate in the past, but this time it has passed, and now awaits the governor's signature.

According to the report, some people are saying it's a violation of the Eighth Amendment which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.

If Governor Kay Ivey signs the Bill, sex offenders 21 years of age and older would be given medication to curve their sex drive. The original bill required surgical castration which may be one of the reasons it failed to receive enough votes to pass the Senate.

[via WIAT]

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