The American Hockey League continues its "suspended play" mandate.  Despite an Associated Press report on Tuesday quoting a source that a cancellation of the remaining part of the season was imminent there has been no substantiation of that.  The AHL responded to that allegation with a statement that there has been no decision made as to when or if the season can resume.  An important key pertaining to the AHL is what develops with the parent National Hockey League.

Teams receive players and coaches directly from the National Hockey League.  So before any decision is announced from the AHL there will need to be a decision made by the NHL.  At this stage the National Hockey League is also in a "holding"pattern.

Several proposals have been circulating pertaining to "hub" cities where several NHL teams would play to cut down travel and player exposure to COVID-19. The NHL has recommended that players self-quarantine until April 30 so that time frame is just about up.

Watching all of this are the Binghamton Devils. Once the NHL acts there will be a clearer picture of what is next for Binghamton and local hockey fans.

Getty Images Photo by Bruce Bennett
Getty Images Photo by Bruce Bennett

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