Italy To Reinstate Border Control At Brenner Pass
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According to Vice News, after two decades of hiding, Italy’s second-most wanted criminal was taken into custody on Sunday. ‘Ndrangheta Mafia boss Ernesto Fazzalari was found as he was fast asleep in his hideout located deep in Italy’s southern Calabria region.

Fazzalari was a ruthless killer who played an important role in the six-year turf war that left upwards of 600 people dead in Calabria. He was convicted of extortion, membership of a mafia-like organization, attempted murder, and a double homicide. In 2014, Pope Francis described the ‘Ndrangheta as “the adoration of evil and contempt of the common good.”

In 2004 his old hideout was discovered that was dubbed a “five-star bunker” complete with internet, cable, fine wine, and boxes of Cuban cigars. Due to the cooperation of locals, he was able to elude capture for 20 years. Fazzalari will now be facing life in prison for his heavy involvement with ‘Ndrangheta, one of the most powerful organized crime groups in the world.

[via Vice News]

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