I am a HUGE animal lover and got my first cat when I moved here to Binghamton. While she is not a dog, thankfully for me, she acts like one. On one of my fundraising remotes to Project Paw, I took some pictures of Ruby Sue in hopes that someone would adopt her! She

Ruby Sue

is fun loving, gentle, spayed 5 year old female. Ruby also loves attention and food....who doesn't? The coolest thing about Ruby Sue is the white heart on her chest and the rest of her coat in black. If you would like to adopt her, contact Denise at Project Paw at 724-2241 and tell her Holly sent you! Denise and the rest of the crew are normally at the shelter from 8am-10:30am cleaning so if you want to stop by, that's the time to go- 127 Bevier Street in Binghamton.

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