AARP used to stand for American Association of Retired Persons, however that acronym has since been trashed because the organization is no longer targeting just retired people.

If you're 50 or older then you are eligible to join! There is a maximum fee of $16 a year, however if you sign up for multiple years, the fee is reduced.

I’m not recruiting for AARP, but as a 50+ citizen, I am a member and can take advantage of discounts and services.

Many people don’t like to admit they're in the AARP demographic, but the 50’s and 60’s age groups are not like they use to be.

My dad is going to be 83 this year and he is an avid internet user. He watches videos on YouTube, Googles all kinds of information, and even shops online.

While I was in Florida last October I went into a pizza place with my wife and her family. I was shocked when they told me that I qualified for the senior discount! My mother-in-law and I were the only ones old enough to get it. It was kind of different, but now I welcome it, and I encourage anyone to take advantage of money off.

One way of looking at it is, they’re showing respect for the years we've logged into this big rock, so take the discount.

Here's more info on AARP, if you're ready to take the leap.

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