Okay, I'm about to reveal my age, but if you know and listen to me on The Whale, you know I've been here a long time and I 'ain't no spring chicken' as they used to say...whoever 'they' are. I still feel young, well mentally, but my body has a different opinion.

As I got close to 50 years of age, all of a sudden I was getting bombarded with mail from AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) letting me know that I'm almost at that age to begin to reap the benefits and discounts that members age 50 and older can take advantage of.

Nothing against AARP, I'm sure they are a great benefit to older adults, but I was just turning 50, and wasn't ready to feel like I've reached that part of my life. For my 50th birthday, I took a flying lesson just to prove I'm still young and able to conquer the world. Well, as much fun as it was, anyone at almost any age can take a flying lesson, so that theory went out the window of the airplane so to speak.

Now, I am getting mailings and emails about signing up for Medicare benefits. At first I ignored the mailings, but they kept coming from sources I've heard of and some I've never heard of, all trying to convince me to sign up for whatever they offer. How did all these places find out I'm closing in on 65? Oh yea, nothing in life is private anymore.

Anyway, since I am still employed and have medical insurance, I was just ignoring all of these offers. Well, it turns out, even though I don't have to sign up for whatever Medicare benefits don't cover from some other company since I have insurance from my workplace, I found out that if I don't enroll in Medicare Part B or whatever part it is by the time I turn 65, when I retire and need those benefits, my coverage could be delayed and I might have to pay a higher premium.

My question is, why do I have to sign up, when the world already knows my age and all my private information? Doesn't matter. I have to sign up and then when the time comes, if it does, to retire, then I'll be set for some kind of Medicare benefits which could be Part A, B, C or D. I'm so confused. Who told me getting older was fun?

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