This past weekend, and for a few days this week, we've been teased with warmer weather as you know. It sure has brought us out of the indoors and into the warmth, at least for the short term.

Over the weekend, it was evident that almost everyone was taking advantage of the warmer weather, something we haven't seen in a few months. Unfortunately, the reality of it all is, cold weather will return. Seems in the past we've been punished for those short spells of warm weather in the middle of Winter, with the return of sub zero  temperatures, lots of snow, and maybe some ice to top it all off.

The sad thing about this nice spell of warmth? I spent the entire holiday weekend indoors, except for the occasional trip to pick up something at the store. I even thought of heading to the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania to visit my camper (that sounds a bit weird), and see how it's been surviving the winter. But I didn't. Rather, I stayed indoors, doing a bit of cleaning and doing a lot of nothing.

So, enjoy this little bit of warm weather, but don't put away that heavy jacket, gloves and boots yet.

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