A season ticket holder named Frank J D'Amico, who also happens to be a lawyer, has decided to take legal action against the National Football League over the missed pass interference penalty call in this Sunday's NFC Championship Game.

According to 24/7 Sports, D'Amico is seeking to force NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell to enact rule 17 of the NFL's rule book. That rule allows the commissioner to reverse the result of a contest due to an unfair act.

I personally don't think it will come to that point, but it might force the NFL to give serious consideration to allow coaches the ability to challenge pass interference calls.

The only downside to that is more challenges and that means longer drawn-out games. It should be interesting to see if this lawsuit makes it to court, and if it does, what comes of it.

But again, I don't think the NFL will strip the win from the Rams and just hand it to the Saints.

A lot of people online are saying they should replay the game, and I don't think that will happen either.

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