Four days of whatever I want to do. That's what I call a great Thanksgiving weekend. Of course my first thought would be four days of doing absolutely nothing. In theory, that sounds great, but I have a problem sitting still for too long a time.

I'll probably get in a good amount of time watching movies and sitcoms. I currently have a couple of streaming service show episodes to finish watching, and with it being a holiday, a bunch more movies pop up that look like they might be worth taking up a couple of hours of my time this weekend.

I will also be on the radio for a few shows as well. I do have a few projects and chores that need to be tended to, but you know how that goes. I hate the word 'chores.' For example, I have one room in my house that has become somewhat of a place to deposit stuff that I don't use anymore. That has come to the point that there's not much room left in there to store anything else. Translation? I nee to clean out the room. But will I? Dishes need to be cleaned and laundry washed, but what fun is that on a holiday weekend?

I'm also toying with the idea of dragging out the Christmas decorations and the tree. I have an artificial tree, so given the fast that the next few days will be somewhat warm as far as November standards are concerned, I might take advantage of getting them up before it gets too cold to be outside. No, I'm not a fan of winter weather. Thank you for asking.

And finally, I will probably take my van to a repair shop to look at the damage I caused on my new running boards. Seems I misjudged the distance between the side of my van and a slab of concrete on the side of my driveway last week. The passenger side running boards are now a bit more forward and upward. Actually a bit too close to the front tire for my comfort.

Well, if I'm going to break something, I tend to do it right. Is there any other way?

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