Easter is this Sunday, and as I do with just about every holiday, I think of what the holiday was like when I was a kid.

In the days leading up to Easter, my mother would hard boil eggs and my siblings and I would color them. I suck at art. You could always tell which eggs were mine because they were the worst looking ones in the basket. Before we went to bed the night before, we will be sure to leave carrots and milk out for the Easter Bunny. Do rabbits even drink milk? Then Easter morning I couldn't wait to see what the Easter Bunny left me. I would run downstairs and go right to my basket and I would be amazed at all the candy that was waiting there to be eaten. Different kinds of jelly beans, M&M's both plain and with peanuts, the chocolate eggs wrapped in the colorful tin foil, and big chocolate rabbits, a cross made of chocolate, and one time I found a chocolate fire truck in my basket. I would be eating candy all morning before my mother would make me get ready to go to church. The whole time I was at church I couldn't wait for it to end so I can go home and eat more candy. We would have a big Easter dinner at our house and for dessert, we would get one of those big chocolate Easter Bunnies out and carve it up at the table. I remember eating so much candy one time, I ended up with a stomach ache. I would eat all the candy from my basket and then beg my sisters and my brother to share theirs. Ahh, to be young again. Happy Easter!

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