When it comes to weddings you want them to be memorable. Most women dream about their wedding from a young age. They want it to be big and beautiful. It takes a lot of planning and a lot of money. I know when my wife Chris and I got married, it took over a year of planning and it was very expensive. From the reception itself to the rehearsal party, plus paying for the wedding gown, the tux, limo bus, the honeymoon, food and a tent at our house so my out-of-town relatives had a place to go between the wedding and the reception, it all adds up. Then you have the flowers, the cake, the photographers, rings, invitations, and we even sprung for a Sunday brunch for our wedding party and our out of town family members. We had over 160 guests at our reception. It took us ten years to pay that off. But everyone had a great time so I guess it was worth it, right?

Well, if someone ever builds a time machine, I might actually go back in time and do what this couple did. According to the Lad Bible, a couple from England were such fans of KFC that they decided to have their wedding reception there. They invited 40 guests and it cost them less than $150. They said they had a great time.

And be honest, what would you remember more, Our wedding at the Owego Treadway, or a wedding reception at a Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Check out pictures from the KFC wedding on The Lad Bible website.


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