So, this morning, I had a story from Rome N.Y. About a 17 year old that stole sex toys from a woman's house. The Syracuse Post Standard reported that the teen asked anther teen if he could use the bathroom. The woman was out at the time and the other teen let him in. That's when he supposedly loaded his backpack with the items in question and left the house. According to The Syracuse Post Standard, police said the five items were valued at about $185.

Ok, So what was the kid going to do with them? How does this kid live this down? When he goes to fill out job applications and he has to answer that question, have you ever been arrested? If yes, for what? Can you imagine being the person at H.R. reading the application. You would have to think it's a joke, right? How about the kid that let him in their house. I'm sure the kids as school will be making vibrating noises every time they walk by.

I wonder if the woman would have been better off not saying anything and just going out and buying some new romantic aids.

I'm sure the young thief will be fine. He can always get a job in radio or politics.


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