I don't watch sitcoms as much as I used to. As a kid, I was glued to the TV. That is, when the signal came in from the antenna on the roof, bringing in three TV stations from far away.

I grew up in rural Schuyler County, and we were able to pick up three TV stations out of Syracuse. Apparently, they had a very strong signal. The TV stations in Elmira, which were a lot closer to where I lived, weren't strong enough to reach our home.

There were many days when one or more of the TV station receptions were nothing more that static. Anyway, I loved to watch TV sitcoms. As I got older, time was taken up by other things, so getting interested in new sitcoms was not as important to me anymore.

Yes, I still do watch a couple ( mostly after recording them to watch back), but one sitcom didn't peak my interest when it was on the air, but now is in my top five. That sitcom was NBC's 'The Office.'

It wasn't until after the series ended and the show began airing on streaming services, did I decide to give it a chance. That, for me, was  great decision. I was hooked. Still am. I've have gone through the entire nine season run at least 7 times. For those who are big fans of the show, I'm sure that's nothing compared to how many times they have watched the show.

Well, the other day, I discovered that there is a website that has about 500 items from 'The Office' up for bid. At first I thought it was a joke. Apparently not. The site is Screenbid, and it lists 500 items from the sitcom set. It's an "The Office' fans wildest dreams.

You'll find the reception desk that Pam and Erin sat behind up for bid, along with many desk items like staplers, desk lamps and telephones among others. Even Michael Scott's Manager desk.

Unfortunately, most items are way out of my budget to bid on, but that does not seem to be the case for others. Every item has a bid on it. Check it out, and maybe you'll find something you saw in the show that you'd like to bid on.

via Screenbid

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