You've got to love when something local shows up on a national stage, that promotes places in our Southern Tier region. For example, many years ago, Garth Brooks wore a 98.1 The Hawk t-shirt on stage at one of his concerts.

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Recently, Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham shared a picture on his Twitter page of John Mayer wearing a t-shirt with the logo of McIntosh on the front while touring the Dead & Company at Wrigley Field in Chicago. 

As you know McIntosh is a Binghamton-based audio company, and in my opinion, makes the best audio equipment in the world. Anyone who knows great home sound systems knows the name, McIntosh.

There have been many other instances where a local item has been in the eye of a large gathering or featured on a television show, music video, or in movie. The music video for Taylor Swift's song 'Back To December' from 2011 has scenes from the Binghamton area.  Here's the video. Do you recognize the local scenes?

Binghamton was the setting for the movie 'Liebestraum', directed by Mike Figgis and starring Kim Novak. Remember when that movie was filmed in the downtown area back in 1991? Check out the trailer below.

And another movie based in the Binghamton area, was 'Rewrite' featuring Hugh Grant and Marissa Tomei. The movie was released in 2015. It's based around Binghamton University. A few of my friends saw Hugh Grant walking around town during the filming of the movie.

And then there was the episode from the NBC sitcom 'The Office' that centers around the Binghamton Dunder Mifflin branch closing, titled' Turf War.' They never did mention where the brand was located, or that it even existed in previous episodes.

[via Jared Kraham Twitter]

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