Last year, when we were hit with the pandemic, schools closed and then went virtual. School sporting events ceased. School dances, proms and graduation celebrations were put to a halt. It was a disappointing end to the school year for everyone involved.

Now that things are (hopefully) beginning to improve, if you were wondering about what end of academic year celebrations in New York State would be, the answers are now clear. Well, 10 pages worth of explanations clear. That's how many pages the news release is from the New York State Department of Health.

The New York State Department of Health and the CDC both recommend that large gatherings and celebrations are to be avoided when social distancing is not possible. Beginning May 1st, 2021, The New York State Department of Health h16as new options for end of school year celebrations.

They include honoring graduating students virtually, through virtual ceremonies and  videos, drive in/drive through ceremonies, and individualized ceremonies. The Department of Health has a very detailed list of guidelines to follow.

If your school plans on having a prom or ball, effective June 1st, 2021, these are the guidelines set forth for maximum safety. Guidelines include no attendees congregating except while seated. There must be assigned tables, standing only when necessary and wearing face masks when not eating. Attendees can dance in marked dance areas and can dance with members of the same party. If you dance, you must wear a mask.

There are limits to the number of people allowed at an event depending on the size of the venue. For example, outdoor ceremonies at a residential home can be up to 25 people. A Large venue with a 2500 plus capacity is limited to 20 percent, medium venue is limited to 33 percent capacity of the venue and a small venue is limited to 50 percent capacity of the venue. Individuals also must present proof of a recent negative test result or show the card from a completed immunization.

Proms and balls are allowed to have live music. The performers or DJs must keep a distance of 12 feet from attendees or by a physical barrier. For more detailed information on all the guidelines, visit the New York State Department of Health website.

via New York State Department of Health

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