While I was on vacation I decided I wasn't going to check Facebook. I was on vacation and just wanted to relax and stay and take a break from social media. Now I did post three pictures or so while I was on vacation, but I wasn't checking my page or anybody else's while I was off. And I'll tell you what, I really didn't miss it.

I think Facebook is great for keeping up with friends and family and staying informed with what's going on. But, I'm so tired of all the political posts and all the negativity that you see on Facebook day in and day out. I would love for Facebook to come up with some categories that you must choose from when you are posting something. And then in your own privacy settings, you can choose which categories you want to see and which categories you want to avoid. I think I would avoid anything political. I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum and it just gets tiring reading their posts bashing the other side. I don't know of one person that has changed their opinion on a political issue because of something someone posted on Facebook. I have strong political views but I don't push them on other people. I've seen family members get to the point where they stopped talking to each other because of political posts on Facebook. And to me, that's just silly.

I sometimes think if I didn't need to be on Facebook for work I would just delete my page and stay off it all together. Which is a shame because there are a bunch of Facebook groups that I belong to and sometimes it's my only way of staying in the loop with people.

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