Time stands still for no one. That also goes for the changing landscape of our community.

Thinking back over the 40-plus years I've called the Binghamton area my home, we have seen many businesses set up shop here, and have lost some longtime favorites.

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It's fun to reminisce and remember those cool places we used to visit. Below, are some I fondly remember, most of them restaurants.

Feel free to add some of your favorite business places in our comments below.

  • 1

    Philadelphia Sales

    If I remember correctly, there were 3 of them in the area - Binghamton, Johnson City and Endicott. The first thing you noticed upon walking in was the smell of that delicious popcorn. I remember well.

  • 2

    The Alamo Restaurant

    I believe there were 2 or 3 of them. Weren't they originally those famous Pig Stands? I remember one on Upper Court Street but not sure the other locations.

  • 3

    Endicott-Johnson Shoes

    As a youngster living in the Corning area, I vaguely remember taking a class trip on a train ride to Binghamton to tour an Endicott-Johnson Shoe factory. All I can recall, is it was  big building, and rather dark inside. Does that sound right?

  • 4

    The Original Chuck E. Cheese

    It was located in the Small Mall, Harry L Drive, Johnson City where the red Cross currently resides. I loved taking the nieces and nephews there to enjoy my favorite combination of pizza and popcorn. I would sprinkle the popcorn over a slice of pizza. Mmm, what a great combination while watching the Chuck E. Cheese band on stage!

  • 5

    Theo's BBQ restaurant

    If you wanted authentic southern style food, the good folks at Theo's delivered. And they were the nicest, friendliest  people you will ever meet.

  • 6

    The Roaring Fork

    This was the first restaurant I visited after moving here in 1977. I couldn't remember the name, so after asking around, someone at work had the answer. Remember where it was? In the old Vestal Plaza on the Parkway...not the University Plaza.

  • 7

    GE, GAF, IBM

    These factories, along wiht Endicott-Johnson,  employed many people in our area, and helped shape our lifestyles while they were here.

  • 8

    Brother Bruno's Pizza

    Located in the Parkway Plaza off the Vestal Parkway, it was my favorite pizza in the Triple Cities. I think I cried when they closed.

  • 9

    The Fountain's Pavillion

    A Johnson City landmark, so much history in that building dating back to the mid 1900s. the entertainment was endless, except sadly, it did end, and the building is now just a memory.

  • 10

    The Vestal Steakhouse

    You never had a hard time finding this restaurant with the huge Bull on the roof. This Vestal Parkway eatery, touted a large menu with so many great dishes to choose from, it was hard to decide what to order. Remember the many different types of bread your waiter would bring to your table to enjoy?

  • 11

    Pat Mitchell's Ice Cream

    Various locations in it's heyday around the Triple Cities. What was it they put in their ice cream to make it taste so good?


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