The word 'Spiedie' can bring out a smile or a look of bewilderment in a person. A smile means thought of how delicious they are, and the look of bewilderment means it's probably from a person who is from out of the area and has no idea what a spiedie is.

People who have never heard of a spiedie have asked me in the past if it's some type of drug, or some type of fast food item you can eat quickly. No to both. I remember when I was new to the Binghamton area and was introduced to a spiedie sandwich. At first, I couldn't understand why it was just marinated mean chunks on a slice of Italian bread, with no toppings or condiments.

I was quickly scolded about that, although I have seen out-of-towners dump ketchup on a spiedie. That's just gross as far as I'm concerned. Although I do like a spiedie sub with mushrooms and melted cheese.

We recently took a look at Yelp to find out what are considered the ten greatest places to get a spiedie, in no particular order, and here are the results. If your favorite place to get a really good spiedie is not on this list, let us know where you go to find a delicious spiedie!

via Yelp

Top Spiedie Places In The Southern Tier

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