Ten of the eleven charges against a Florida man accused of intentionally running down and killing New York State Police Trooper Christopher Skinner on Interstate 81 near Castle Creek in May of 2014 are dropped.

During pre-trial proceedings, both prosecutors and the defense agreed to drop all but the first degree murder charge against Almond Upton, saying the additional charges may just confuse a jury.

The 62 year old Florida man was traveling on Interstate 81 when evidence shows he floored the accelerator of his truck and plowed into the trooper, who was conducting a traffic stop, at about 93 miles an hour.

After taken into custody, Upton told reporters he didn’t know what happened and he must have been in a “time warp.

The jury selection in the case has been scheduled for next week.

Upton’s attorney is expected to argue the man is suffering from mental issues and was not responsible for running down the 42 year old trooper from Kirkwood.