It's time to lob some interesting fast facts at ya!

These little gems could win you a bar bet or an in-law argument. You never know.

1. Some body quirks are contagious. We all know about yawning, but these are too: laughing, itching, coughing, vomiting (Yep!), and crying. try it sometime.

2. Reading makes your brain decline slow down. The more you read, the less likely your brain cells are to kick the bucket.

3. Want to lose weight? Take pictures of all the food you eat in a day. A University of Wisconsin-Madison study showed that you make better choices if you've seen what you eat.

4. Carrots were originally several colors with purple being the most common. Dutch Farmers in the 16th century opted to create orange ones, though because it was the royal color, and that's when they became the standard.

5. The fax machine was round much longer than we realize. It was invented in 1843!