Thursday is the day! Whether you're a Jets fan or not, you've got to be happy they are back in Cortland.

Not only do locals get an up clsoe glimpse of NFL stars and how they work out, but the Cortland area gets a much needed influx of moola.

The good news is, the Jets are predicted to be in the playoffs this year. Granted, as a wildcard, but still in the playoffs.

So what does training camp being in Cortland mean to the Southern Tier? Let me tell ya!

The Jets are invested in Cortland. It shows with events like Jets Fest, Taste of Cortland, Mascot Day and Military Appreciation Day. These are designed to bring spectators. And spectators spend money. And it isn't Cortland residents that stream in for these events; it's folks from outlying counties and outside of New York!

Oh! I almost forgot. The Green & White game is August 2nd. Can't miss that.

Geno Smith continues to grow at QB and we'll see some other star power grow at camp. But no Mark Sanchez.  Awww, what a shame.