I was playing six degrees of separation the other day. It started with Mayim Bialek (Amy Farrah Fowler) of Big Bang Theory  and ended with My Favorite Martian.

You see, Bialek starred in Blossom with Ted Wass (played her father). he is a director of The Big Bang Theory. They were directed, during Blossom by none other than Bill Bixby, who previously acted with Ray Walston on My Favorite Martian!

I could go on about the connections of "TBBT" to Roseanne, but I digress.

It led me to Bill Bixby. I grew up watching him as David Banner on The Incredible Hulk and on The Courtship of Eddie's Father, as well as My Favorite Martian.

Bixby was one of my favorite actors. Calm, cool and collected, suave but klutzy and very funny.  When he died of pancreatic cancer, I was crushed. But at least we have these great shows to watch!