Binghamton Braces for Cold and Storm Activity
The snow deficit in the Binghamton region may continue for several more days but there's the potential for some big changes in the region's weather ahead.
Temperatures will rise above normal for a few days but forecasters say the return of milder weather won't last long...
Spring-Like Conditions Will Linger A Bit Longer
December high temperature records are being set across New York and Pennsylvania. The unusually mild weather may continue for at least a few more days.
A record high of 62 degrees was recorded Sunday, December 13 at the National Weather Service office at the Greater Binghamton Airport in the Tow…
The Summer That Wasn’t
Imagine our area getting 10 inches of snow on June 6th. That's right, June 6th! Imagine below freezing temperatures every day in May and frost through the middle of June.